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About Taim Deli

Your Go-To Place for Fine Kosher & Speciality Dishes!

Taim, a kosher delicatessen, introducing you to a wide selection of fine freshly cooked kosher and speciality dishes. Our goal is to cater for the increasing demand and need for high quality kosher food. There may be a week when you are tired or you're busy with other priorities and you don't have any time to cook for Shabbat. We'll make for you a special meal for your Shabbat table!


We serve a diverse range of foods from cuisines such as the Mediterranean, European & Moroccan to suit everyone’s taste buds. With your health in mind, our food is prepared to a high standard with fresh and natural quality ingredients, without any additional preservatives or additives.


We import a delicious range of specialist food items from France, including relishes, sauces and various pâtés including foie gras.

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Salmon Dish

We provide a variety of dishes that include succulent grilled, roast and fried meat and fish in a wide variety of traditional, fruity, spicy, exotic sauces and marinades; a wide range of fresh, mouth-watering vegetarian and meat soups, and nutritious, flavour-packed salads. We also offer a large selection of traditional side dishes, including chargrilled vegetables, ratatouille, courgette quiche, mixed vegetable kugel, vegetarian cigars, and more…


For more information about the food on offer at Taim, please click on the menu options at the top, or else if you are looking for something specific, you can use the search function to find what you might be looking for. If you have any special requirements, please do contact us, and we'll do our best to assist you.


Taim is certified as Glatt Kosher and is under the supervision of the London Beth Din.