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Will the product supplied look like exactly like the photo?

No the photos are illustrations only.

How do I reheat my purchase?

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celcious / Gas mark 4, and heat for between 20-45 minutes depending on the product. (i.e. rice - 20 minutes, beef goulash - 45 minutes).

Is the parev food prepared in isolation from the meat?

For products marked Vegetarian - Parev or Parev, are prepared in dedicated ovens and with utensils for parev preparation use only.

Is everything always available?

We always do our best to have all products available. However please place your orders in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver for orders during the week. Please contact us to make an order. Delivery charge will apply.

Do you have a shop in Loughton?

No. We use Loughton Synagogue as our primary location for collections.

Do you cater for special events?

Yes, we cater for all types of events, such as birthday parties, kiddushim and any other special occasion. We also cater for shivas.

When do we need to place an order for Shabbat?

Give us a call for Shabbat orders from Monday 9am to Wednesday 8pm or email us at For any quesitons, please email us at

Where do we collect our Shabbat order?

You can collect your order from Loughton Synagogue, 102 Borders Lane, Loughton, IG10 3QX. Please see the Friday collection hours:

During the Summer: from 10am to 5pm During the Winter: from 10am to 2:30pm