Grilled Beef

Beef & Lamb

Freshly cooked homemade fried, grilled, roasted & baked kosher beef and lamb dishes - cholent, salt beef, goulash and more.

Cholent (Meaty 800g)

Slow-cooked stew made with beef, potatoes, beans and barley.

£6.20 for 3 people

Roast beef (slices)

Slices of tender roast beef.

£8.90 per 200g

Salt beef

Tender salt-cured beef.

£8 per 150g

Tunisian meat & vegs

Mince beef, eggs, matso meal, garlic, carrots, courgettes, potatoes, white cabbage, parsley, fresh tomato, chick peas and spices. Adviced with couscous.

£6.50 per portion

Lamb & meat kebab

Small Mediterranean style BBQ burgers made with beef or lamb

£2.60 each for 3 people

Meat balls

Small balls of 95% minced meat seasoned and cooked with a rich tomato sauce

£4.40 for 3 meat balls

Meat balls with fried onions

Mince beef, onion, garlic, matso meal, egg and spices.

£5.70 for 2 meat balls

Beef goulash

A lean stew of beef and mushrooms and seasoned with paprika.

£6.60 per 250g

Beef bourgignon

Slow-cooked beef stew with vegetables

£6.90 per 250g

*Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Products subject to availability, while stocks last. Images are representative only.