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Freshly cooked homemade fried, boiled, poached & baked kosher fish dishes - gefilte fish, fish balls, goujons, salmon and more.

Moroccan sea bass

Moroccan style salmon with red pepper carrot, coriander and garlic slowly baked in the oven.

£5.50 per portion

Gefilte Fish

Ashkenazi patties made with poached ground whitefish

£3 per portion

Fried cod

Cod fillets coated in breadcrumbs and fried

£7/ £8 per portion

Fish goujons

Small pieces of skinless fish coated in matzo meal and fried

£4.60 per portion

Salmon teriyaki

Japanese style salmon glazed with a sweet soy sauce

£5.80 per portion

Fish balls

Balls of fish with onion and egg, covered in breadcrumbs and fried

£0.65 each

Poached salmon with lemon sauce

Salmon fillets poached in a lemon sauce, seasoned with fresh dill

£5.20 per portion

Moroccan style baked salmon

Moroccan style salmon with red peppers, carrots, coriander and garlic slowly baked in the oven

£5.80 per portion

*Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Products subject to availability, while stocks last. Images are representative only.

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